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From bleeding to leading

Leadership & Management Development

  • Individualised Mentoring and Coaching

  • TTI Insights

  • Leading Volunteers Workshop

  • Effective Evaluations Workshop

“Everything rises and falls on leadership”– John C Maxwell.

Effective leaders are the cornerstones of successful companies. Through coaching and personal development workshops InSense Dynamix provides practical and individualized tools and insights to leaders of all levels of management. By increasing the leaders’ understanding of themselves, their leadership styles as well as the individuals and teams they are leading, InSense Dynamix takes leaders from bleeding to leading.

Individualised Mentoring and Coaching

Aristotle said “The knowledge of self is the beginning of true wisdom”. This is especially true for leaders and managers. Through the InSense Dynamix coaching programme leaders will be taken through a personal and leadership development programme custom made to their identified outcomes. Coaching sessions can either be held face-to-face or on electronic platforms.

InSense Dynamix has coached senior and middle managers from more than a dozen international companies. (For more, see our client list)

TTI Insights and EQ

InSense Dynamix is an official TTI Insights® Licensed Practitioner which gives us rights to use tools, profiles and solutions offered by TTI Success Insights.

About TTI Success Insights

TTI Success Insights is a global learning and development company who since 1987 have provided learning solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations.

TTI Success Insights now has a presence in over 90 countries around the world and a suite of materials available in 40 different languages.

Insights® systems measure behaviours, motivators and skills, in an engaging and accessible language for learning.

Our entire portfolio enables our clients to experience rich, deep and inspiring learning solutions that enhance relationships and improve long-term performance.


The Leader’s Personalised EQ Report

The Personalised EQ report is a highly validated comprehensive assessment with critical information unique to the leader’s behaviour, motivators and emotional intelligence. This will greatly enhance the leader’s ability to take action towards effective communication, professional growth and team development.

Leading Volunteers Workshop

Understanding why individuals get involved in projects, events or causes where financial remuneration is not the core motivator, is essential for both non-profit and for-profit organisations and managers.



During the webinar, attendees will learn more about:

  • Reasons and motivators people have for getting involved.

  • How these motivators can be used to create sustainability for the project or cause.

  • How focusing on the needs of the volunteer can create & ensure the success of the project/event.

Target Audience:

Middle to senior management.


45-minute Keynote speech followed by a Q&A session

Developed and presented by Louis Nigrini, experienced Volunteer with more than 12 years of volunteer leadership and management experience in various volunteering organisations NPOs and NGOs.

Effective Evaluations Workshop

Feedback is essential in our growth and development be it as leaders, athletes, employees or parents. Having the ability to give effective and constructive feedback is a skill that is sorely missed and misunderstood.


During the Effective Evaluation workshop attendees will not only learn how to educate, empower and inspire those involved, but also how to:

  • Structure feedback.

  • Use evaluations in order to reach team and individual goals.

  • Incorporate feedback and evaluation into everyday activities.

Target Audience:

Middle to senior management.


Half day (4-hour) workshop plus an additional 2 x (30 minute) face-to-face/ online coaching sessions per attendee.

Mentoring & Coaching Workshop (Highlighting the importance and difference between mentoring and coaching)

The Beatle song says, “I get by with a little help from my friends”. In business and in life, knowing where to find help, and how to determine if this help will really be helpful, is quite daunting.


During the session, attendees will learn more about:

  • The difference between coaching & mentoring.

  • How to best identify your development needs and best pair them with a mentor or coach.

  • The basic steps an individual can take in the absence of external assistance in making great strides towards their own development, actualisation and realisation of their dreams.

Target Audience:



Personal one-on-one coaching or 45 minute Keynote speech

Developed and presented by a Life Coach with extensive experience in personal development and excellence cultivation