Louis Nigrini Speaks

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Louis Nigrini Speaks

  • Keynote & motivational speaking
  • MC & event facilitator
  • Public Speaking Training

Louis Nigrini is a uniquely talented & entertaining award-winning speaker, MC & teacher who is sculpting the art of inspirational storytelling with some stories of his own. Louis’s keynotes for corporate events and functions focus on topics such as personal value, the art of dreaming, growth, success and superheroes.

Since 2002, Louis Nigrini has trained, lectured and facilitated teachings on a variety of leadership, management, lifestyle & personal development topics, at various Corporate, NPO and educational institutions. For this, he draws from his vast experience as a leader, business owner, manager, award-winning public speaker and mentor. Having a background in business, television and education, Louis has managed numerous companies and projects, spanning a variety of disciplines and professional fields.

He has led and managed teams of 5-80 people in size, consisting of managers, employees & volunteers (local and international participants). Louis has a passion to develop individuals and teams on their paths to actualisation & excellence, and seeks to enable & empower others to perform at their best. Louis possesses a depth of knowledge that he taps into as trainer, motivator, storyteller and overall perspective shifter.