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Mozaik Leadership Program - Fundamentals

Leading in today’s complex work environment calls for dynamic individuals with strong interpersonal skills, an ability to mobilize and engage others, and detect and effectively manage conflict to increase productivity and the quality of work.

Mozaik Leadership Program was specifically sculpted with these needs in mind, giving Leaders, managers, and Professionals the needed skills and practice to excel.

Course Objectives, Outcomes & Skills Acquired

Our Mozaik Leadership Program is a comprehensive and dynamic experience designed to empower leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.

Throughout the Mozaik Leadership Program, participants will develop a wide range of valuable skills, including:

  • Distinguish between leadership, management, and individual contributor roles.
  • Create and implement a personalised development plan.
  • Envision and effectively communicate goals, expectations, and milestones.
  • Master the art of delegating tasks and ensuring their successful completion.
  • Deliver actionable feedback and conduct performance appraisals.
  • Cultivate strong interpersonal relationships to achieve superior results.
  • Navigate diverse personalities in the workplace with finesse.
  • Identify early signs of escalating conflicts and apply coaching and mediation techniques for resolution.
  • Benefit from personal coaching and development opportunities.
  • Enhance communication skills for effective leadership.
  • Overcome communication barriers and prevent breakdowns.
  • Implement structured communication strategies to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Proficiently set and manage goals.
  • Facilitate effective meetings to drive productivity.
  • Understand your communication style and your team’s styles for improved collaboration.
  • Master the art of delegation and strategic task assignment.
  • Utilise decision-making matrices for sound judgment.
  • Build and maintain trust within your team.
  • Develop expertise in delivering constructive feedback.
  • Handle feedback effectively for personal growth.
  • Apply learned skills through role-play exercises for practical application.

Course Information

Main Topics main topics main topics main topics main topics main topics main topics 

  • Overview of the Communication Cycle
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Causes of Communication Breakdown
  • Communication Outcome & Structure
  • Goal Setting & Management Frameworks (OKR, KPI & SMART)
  • Meeting Management Tools
  • Identifying Your Own Work, Communication & Relations Style
  • High-Level Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Deliberate and Effective Delegation or Task Management
  • Introduction to the “Skill/Will” Matrix and the Eisenhower Decision Matrix
  • Using the Delegation Question Checklist
  • Building and Maintaining Trust
  • Why We Give Feedback
  • Aspects of Feedback
  • Identifying Feedback Pitfalls

Upon successful completion of the program participants will be competent to:

  • Effectively navigate and apply communication strategies, overcoming barriers and preventing breakdowns.
  • Proficiently utilise goal-setting frameworks for better management.
  • Facilitate productive meetings and adapt to various communication styles.
  • Master the art of deliberate delegation and strategic task assignment.
  • Build and maintain trust while delivering and handling feedback with skilful precision.

The program by numbers 

  • Program started – September 2020
  • Number of Previous Cohorts – 22
  • Number of Previous Participants – 276
  • Number of Sessions presented – more than 130 sessions of this program only
  • Hours of content Presentation & Coaching – 690 hours over 3 years

Who Should Attend The Course?

Aspiring leaders, current managers, team leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and project managers.

We have had leaders from various industries serving as nonprofit coordinators, government officials, educational administrators, healthcare professionals, sales & marketing managers and HR professionals. Cross-functional team leaders, and individuals committed to personal and professional growth seeking to enhance leadership skills and effectiveness will also gain a lot from this program.

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Course Dates & Times

Session 1: 10 October, 9h00-12h00 SAST - Clarifying Expectations 

Session 2: 17 October, 9h00-12h00 SAST - Intentional Interactions

Practice Break 

Session 3: 31 October, 9h00-12h00 SAST - Driving Results & Deliverables

Session 4: 7 November, 9h00-12h00 SAST - Effective Feedback

Practice Break

Session 5: 28 November, 9h00-12h00 SAST - Constructive Communication

Session 6: 5 December, 9h00-12h00 SAST - Agile Assertiveness

3 x 90min Group Coaching Sessions will be scheduled for January & February 2024

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Investment Per Seat

Option 1 - Activator Package $ 995 for:

South African Corporate Companies - R8 995 (VAT excl)

South African Small Businesses - R5 397 (VAT excl)


Option 2 - Accelerator Package $1595 for:

South African Corporate Companies - R12 095 (VAT excl)

South African Small Businesses - R8 497 (VAT excl)


Option 3 - Advancement Package $1960 for:

South African Corporate Companies - R 17 695 (VAT excl)

South African Small Businesses - R 14 397 (VAT excl)


Meet The Course Presenters


Louis Nigrini

Leader & Executive Coach, Author, Award-Winning Speaker

Pauli Nigrini

Personal Development & StrengthFinder Coach, Author

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