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Personal Development


  • Mentoring & Coaching Workshop

  • Simply Speaking: Public Speaking Training

  • Priority management


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About TTI Success Insights

TTI Success Insights is a global learning and development company who since 1987 have provided learning solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations.

TTI Success Insights now has a presence in over 90 countries around the world and a suite of materials available in 40 different languages.

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Mentoring & Coaching Workshop

(Highlighting the importance and difference between mentoring and coaching)

The Beatle song says, “I get by with a little help from my friends”. In business and in life, knowing where to find help, and how to determine if this help will really be helpful, is quite daunting.


During the session, attendees will learn more about:

  • The difference between coaching & mentoring.

  • How to best identify your development needs and best pair them with a mentor or coach.

  • The basic steps an individual can take in the absence of external assistance in making great strides towards their own development, actualisation and realisation of their dreams.

Target Audience:



Personal one on one coaching or a 45 minute Keynote speech

Developed and presented by a Life Coach with extensive experience in personal development and excellence cultivation


Simply Speaking

The success of communication is the duplication of your thoughts, ideas and vision in the minds of the people hearing your message. The ability to do this effectively, be it in the boardroom, work room or at home, remains an elusive skill.



During the Simply Speaking workshop, attendees will be coached on:

  • The fundamentals of creating a clear message.

  • The basics of structuring a presentation or speech.

  • Tricks and tools speakers or presenters use to create a higher impact and retention of the message.

Target Audience:



12-hour workshop spread over 4 weeks (3 hours each) or 45-minute condensed Keynote speech


GPS – Goal & Prioritisation System

The GPS workshop is designed to help professionals identify a crystallised future vision or state and assist them with the practical tools and tips for their journey.


  • Attendees will be shown methods to identify/design clear future goals that they would like to attain.

  • By utilising the prioritisation matrix the attendees will be equipped to put their time, treasure, talent and network to effective use.

  • Attendees will define and refine their route and include important waypoints and mile markers on the road to their goals.

Target Audience:

Leadership, team & individuals


5-hour on-site workshop and/or personal one-on-one coaching.