TTI Success Insights

TTI Success Insights is a global learning and development company who since 1987 have provided learning solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations.

TTI Success Insights now has a presence in over 90 countries around the world and a suite of materials available in 40 different languages.

Insights® systems measure behaviours, motivators and skills, in an engaging and accessible language for learning.

Our entire portfolio enables our clients to experience rich, deep and inspiring learning solutions that enhance relationships and improve long-term performance.


Team Training & Development

We focus on the individuals that make up teams and help them discover & realise who they are, what their natural strengths are and how they can maximise those traits to the benefit of all. InSense Dynamix helps the organisation create and manage teams of highly skilled, motivated team members, driven to bring out the best in each other. Thus taking your team from group to great.
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Leadership & Management Development

Effective leaders are the cornerstones of successful companies. Through coaching and personal development workshops InSense Dynamix provides practical and individualized tools and insights to leaders of all levels of management. By increasing the leaders’ understanding of themselves, their leadership styles as well as the individuals and teams they are leading, InSense Dynamix takes leaders from bleeding to leading.
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Personal Development

InSense Dynamix is an official TTI Insights® Licensed Practitioner which gives us rights to use tools, profiles and solutions offered by TTI Success Insights.
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About us

InSense Dynamix

InSense Dynamix is a South African based Corporate Communication Training company focusing on the development of teams, individuals as well as all levels of management. We help ensure a better and more effective team, as well as individual team members that are driven and equipped to achieve goals ̶ and so much more. Our fast-growing client base includes a wide range of industries, including SMEs, NGOs and multinational corporations.